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    Quality red blends abound

    In the last few years, the Northwest’s winemakers have embarked on a voyage of discovery that would have been unimaginable a couple decades ago. Instead of making only straight varietally-centered red wines such as 100 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Pinot Noir, they have begun exploring...


    Insights of a wine tour guide

    Since April, I’ve had an interesting window into a rather select group of wine consumers from across the United States. They are all passengers taking a week-long cruise on the Columbia River aboard the American Empress, a 360-foot sternwheeler based in Vancouver, Wash., and in its inaugural...


    Better wine through chemistry

    While leading a tour group through the Walla Walla area recently, I was asked a simple question: Do winemakers add some of those fruit flavors you’ve been talking about to their wines?


    Wineries find prosperity in numbers

    When my wife and I started tasting wine seriously about 20 years ago, we usually had to travel for miles across Eastern Washington to visit five or six wineries. Now in Woodinville, there are dozens. What’s happened?

  • WINTER 2013

    Blends becoming popular

    “Whenever I visit a winery or walk through a wine shop or grocery store, I’m seeing more and more red blends. What’s behind this trend?”

  • FALL 2013

    Some wines outlast conventional wisdom

    The wines of the Pacific Northwest continue to amaze me almost every time I open an older bottle, especially whites. I regularly hear "experts" advise that white wines will be past their prime before they reach the tender age of 4 and reds before age 6. Well, it’s true that if you consume...

  • SUMMER 2013

    Reader curious about rosé colors

    “As rosé wines have become more popular in the Pacific Northwest over the past several years, I’ve noticed they exhibit a wide variety of colors. Why?”

  • SPRING 2013

    Are wine clubs worthwhile?

    The simple answer is, yes, wine clubs can be worthwhile, and they will save you money so long as you’re getting shipments of wine you really like and that you’ll be proud to share with friends. I’m an unabashed fan of wine clubs, if they meet my needs.

  • WINTER 2012

    Grab Grabers to tame tannins

    When wine competition judges taste hundreds of wines over several days, how do they manage to avoid palate fatigue? In the tasting group I belong to, many of us find tasting even a dozen wines -- especially big red wines -- leaves us feeling we may not do justice to the last couple wines we taste...

  • FALL 2012

    NW Albarino a real treat

    I recently tried my first Albarino made in the Northwest, and it was quite a dry wine, which surprised me because I was told it was a Mediterranean-style white and expected something softer. How did this wine come to the Pacific Northwest?

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