Love poem

Wine Press NorthwestSeptember 2, 2013 

Jordan Chaney

if you let it
love will move you
it can dance under the
strobe light of your halo
even if you can’t dance

it can enter you
it can mimic water
and seep into every
crack of your being
and quench you

it can cut away the strings

your heart can float
on it like a tiny sailboat
and gently sway on
the waves it creates
and never get lost at sea

with your permission
it can create you

it can reach you
it can heal you

I have witnessed it
with my own foresight
it can tsunami all
of your tears away
all at once for all of forever
I promise you
so I say go forth
and let it

because once inside
it can scrub the soul
completely clean and wash
over the unfinished sand castle
of your dreams giving you
the freedom to rebuild


it can rebuild you

and grant you the time to become
whatever it is you wish to become

it has a nourishing quality
it can feed you
it can pour gravy all
over your biscuits
and then some

it can remind you
it can find you

it can rescue you when
you’re stranded on the desolate
island of your own heart
you and your volleyball named Wilson

it says that if you open your soul to me
I will open all of my doors for you

and that’s what I want

like a game show
I want what’s behind
all of her doors
I’ll take anything
from a silly $10 blender

to the secrets of the universe

I’ll take the giddiness of a first kiss
for the rest of my life
over all of the glitz and splendor
of a winning lottery ticket

so if for any reason at all
you have given up
on yourself
on a relative
on your goals
your ambitions
your childhood fantasies
on biscuits
on love in any of her
endlessly beautiful
shapes and forms

I encourage you to strike a
match and light the bonfire once more
and send your smoke signals into the
heavens and watch in wonderment
as life becomes
a ball of clay in your palm

because if everything anybody
has ever told you about life
is completely wrong

your only hell will be memories
you wished you could’ve lived
or people you could’ve loved

so love yourself
and nourish your talents
love your neighbors
no matter what
language they speak
and give all of your pocket change
to all of the people who need it most
because it’s the most important thing

see if it means
finding the truth to love to life
I’ll search the skies
far and wide, I’ll hike the
pyramids or mountains of Mars
in search of a bright dandelion for her

love has been a lamp unto my sandals
it has kept me afloat

and like an old rusted boat anchor
I have this sinking feeling
deep down in my bowels
that when you’re drowning

love is keeping your
lungs inflated and your lungs
are keeping your body floating
and to keep the lava flowing
to keep your visions in flight
and find that love is the only
love of your life

all that’s required of you
your only responsibility
is to love

Jordan Chaney is a spoken-word poet who lives in the heart of Washington wine country.

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