I love you the way plants love sunshine

Wine Press NorthwestMay 23, 2013 

The way that you patiently waited
for me to grow into something more
than my modest state of roots and clay.

you have been everything to me

your reflection the stretching of
rainbows that arch with the sky
my starry eyes hooked on the very
points of your crescent moon your
entire scenery gently consumed me

even when you chewed me out
the windows of your eyes
opened wide and I saw right
through into your heart
and there on the mantel
you had photos of me framed
and you dusted them everyday

it’s true
with you I found my way

the mountains shrank into hills
the tornadoes sat still
and even the wildest of my
dreams became real
right before my eyes
that’s what love feels like

dead smack in the oasis of my palms
palm trees surrounded ponds
and we both floated on our backs
mimicking lily pads and we stared
back at lily-white clouds that morphed
and transformed under the heavy
brush strokes of our uncloaked

the oils of cherry blossoms
are smeared and hanging lopsided
on walls in the vacant museums
of my memory

our time together is a faded painting
is all I’m trying to say
and all I am trying to do
now is create wine
in the place where our lush grapes
were left stranded to die

today I’m sprouting new limbs and new vines

I’m building new pottery and dusting
my clay in the afterlife

I love you like the sky
holds its stars.

Every shimmer, glimmer,
gleam and glint.

In mystery it grips them
it doesn’t share the secrets
of its glue or gravity
it just holds them there
without conquest or question
it loves the way love does
always giving and never expecting

love is beauty in action
even if only an illusion of flicker
the sky is much bigger
than all that it holds
and I hold you in memory
the same way

the same way that winemakers
behold the grape
stronger than a migrant’s spine
I work your vineyards
to free my own harvest
and possibly escape
the sometimes strangling
vines upon the shores of
my own memory banks

I still see you there
in a sundress
smiling like sunshine
peeking through my clouds
your eyes lit up like jewels
your calves defined by
shadow and light on
tippy toes dancing
in the nude

we let the laundry pile up
we were nude so much
our time together was so bright

sometimes I still sun bathe in
the mere thought of your sunrays

I love you the way
that plants love sunshine

I come from dirt
the soil knows my soul
too well, the two refer to
roots as rope ladder, I’ve
had to climb my way out
of so many potholes and pits
and hard times were nothing
but nutrient-rich experience

it was dark until you came shining your
light all bright like sunlight
pouring yourself all over me
and there I was uprooted and replanted
in a whole new basket basking
in the light of your day
your love
like the driving force of life itself
beamed me up when there was no one else
like the gentle chiseling of time against decay
and with time you drew me out of the dirt
split my bulb and all though it hurt
it gave me back an undying thirst
and helped me push up through life’s clay

Jordan Chaney is a spoken-word poet who lives in the heart of Washington wine country.

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